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Is God Your (911) Or (411)? | Devotional

“Is God Your (911) or Your (411)?”
Psalm 23

In so many ways, we as Christians compartmentalize our relationship with God in Christ Jesus, sometimes we call on the God of comfort when we need comfort, and sometimes we need the God of peace when we are in the storm. Sometimes we need the God of wisdom when seeking wisdom, and sometimes He is the God of silence. It would take pages and pages to write down all the attributes God displays to His people.

The problem is we have become accustomed to dialing (911) for God during our circumstances or predicaments for help, comfort, peace, strength, etc., instead of having continuous fellowship with Him a (411) if you will. A (911) call to God might go something like this: “God it’s me. This situation has blindsided me and I don’t know what to do. I know we haven’t talked much lately, but if You can help me get through this I’ll start going to Church every Sunday.” Whereas a (411) call to God might go something like this: “Father, something has come up since we last talked just minutes ago. A situation I am sure You are well aware of. I trust that You will instruct me in it and guide me through it. I will continually seek Your will while in the midst of it, as well as when it is over.”

The first example is like a person calling (911) for an emergency, talking to a stranger on the other end, and waiting for a stranger to come and help. The second is like a person who has a direct line to the police because he lives right next door. I understand that hardships, tribulations and crises will occur and are hard to comprehend, but only a consistent prayer life, Word study, and fellowship with God in praise and worship will sustain you. You see, this is what has sustained me in all my tribulations and trials - my trust in the Lord my God. It will be apparent whether you can or cannot trust God by the type of relationship you have with Him. You will not trust Him to help you, guide you, teach you, or do anything for you really if you don’t have a close connection with him. You will wind up taking matters into your own hands and doing whatever you decide to do on your own. So what’s on your speed dial? (911) or (411)?

Prayer Focus

Heavenly Father, I have made numerous (911) calls to You because of a chaotic lifestyle, work, ministry, friends, family, and just taking our relationship for granted. Just because I know You will always be there doesn’t mean I don’t have to be. Forgive me for having a unbalanced relationship with You, and help me to see the light of the day and the stars of the night as a sign of Your awesome Presence in my life, and a reminder of the fellowship that needs to occur with every breath. In Jesus name, Amen!


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