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Will You Pick Up The Mantel? | Devotional

“Will You Pick Up The Mantel?”

(2 Kings 2:13)

“He also took up the mantle of Elijah that fell from him and returned and stood by the bank of the Jordan.” As I have studied this event of Elijah being taken up. I could not help but be moved by what Elisha must have been going through. All the thoughts that must have been parading in the depths of his being, from his personal experiences with Elijah, to the answer he gave to Elijah’s question “ask what I shall do for you before I am taken from you.” (Verse 9).

I often consider all the aspects of what a Biblical character encounters, brought about by God, that is life changing and ask “why?” In this case, it is easy to overlook the small details because of the major event. In many instances, we forgo the small details that occur because of the major events in our lives. When in reality it is the small events that form more of our character in Christ than the major events. Yet, we tend to try to forge our spiritual character based on the major events in our lives.

Was Elisha fashioned by Elijah’s departure? Or was it when he picked up the mantle that was left behind? Had he not picked up the mantle he would not have crossed the Jordan, had he not crossed the Jordan, well... In many instances of our lives there are Jordans that have not been crossed; maybe there was a spiritual Elijah in our lives that mentored us, a spiritual father, a partner in the faith that is now gone. Maybe the relationship is not listed here, but was very influential.

Whatever the case may be, we can end up at a Jordan, and we need to cross over. Here is a character builder of Elisha’s life he picked up the mantle, the mantle that Elijah used to part the Jordan and then he crossed it! He witnessed how Elijah used the mantle and did likewise. We learn from the spiritual influences in our lives how to let go of many hindrances, but we also must learn how to pick up the mantles that lead to our purpose in Christ, in order to cross the Jordans we’ll face in of our lives.

Thought Focus

“We all ought, both ministers and people, to set before us the example of our predecessors , to labor after their spirit, and to be earnest with God for that grace which carried them through their work and enabled them to finish well.”

Matthew Henry


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