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Unconditional Love | Devotional

“Unconditional Love”

Unconditional Love is a phrase I have personally used and have had spoken into my life repeatedly. I’ve come to accept it as a description of how God loves me, and all others, and especially sinners. It was not until I was truly challenged with loving unconditionally that I found myself in a dilemma. How was I going to accomplish what God does from heaven? So, I began a quest to study the subject of “unconditional love” in God’s Word. So I pulled out my Strong’s Concordance and promptly looked for the word ‘unconditional’ which I was sure I would find, and then link it up with the word ‘love,’ gather the relevant Scriptures, and begin a wonderful study.

Now I consider myself to have a grasp of the Gospel of Christ Jesus and more than a basic understanding of the Word of God. I have had awesome revelations by His Spirit when meditating on His Word that have shifted, uprooted, shattered, inspired, and just blown away my paradigm. But as I searched for the phrase “unconditional love,” I found the term was another phrase created by man to attempt to describe the providence of God. The truth is, the deeper I searched, the more I realized the phrase ‘unconditional love’ does in no way adequately describe the LOVE God has for us. In reality it actually tends to minimize God’s love for us. It’s like using an inch of man’s description to express a trillion miles of God’s love!

When you come to the Scripture in John 3:16 can you see yourself replacing the word ‘loved’ with the phrase ‘unconditionally loved’ the world? Or in Romans 5:8, would you replace ‘love’ with ‘unconditional love’? I think not! I am not getting caught up in semantics, or trying to unveil some new doctrine. I merely want to dispel a common practice that seems to communicate that we are somehow capable of loving as God loves. Many individuals have come to a point of disappointment or even failure because somebody – some Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, or Lay Minister, not understanding the vastness of God’s love, spoke that since they were unconditionally loved so they must unconditionally love in return. When the truth is, they were loved by God as only He can love. In John 13:34-35 Jesus gave us a new commandment, I think the first part of our obligation in fulfilling this commandment is for us to grasp the concept that love understands, it does not excuse or justify, but it does understand.

Some of us may be just too fractured to love as others can, and some of us are still grappling with God’s love toward us. Whatever the case may be, it is not up to us to gauge the ability of how much anyone can love just because we have ascended to a level or overcome a trial of noteworthy mention. You see God loves the saint and the sinner – but you still need to understand that you’re not going to have dinner with Him unless you accept His Son’s invitation. I think the first rule of God’s love is for each of us to learn how to express it in the capacities necessary during individual moments throughout a lifetime, as God gives us the ability. We can’t teach God’s love, because we can’t begin to grasp the true immenseness of its scope with our finite minds. We can only be God’s expression of it, and He expresses it in many ways, not just one.

Prayer Focus
Ephesians 3:14-19

Father in Heaven fill me with Your love, that I may love when and where needed, and help me not to burden others with loving beyond their current capacity, but love them in their current circumstances remembering when I once was lost, and knowing not how to love or be loved, I need to believe God’s love will prevail, because it always has...after all it is Your love Father that changes, renews, restores, forgives, and is eternal.


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