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Uncovered and Unprotected | Devotional

‘Then he drank of the wine and was drunk, and became uncovered in his tent.’

(Gen 9:21) NKJV

This is one of the most telling events of the Bible that both signifies the actions of God’s chosen vessel, be it not in line with conventional thinking, and his treatment by those closest to him at a time of vulnerability. It also is evident in today’s spiritual community (body of Christ) that the current ministry leaders are under the same type of treatment by those who choose to view them as mere men or women, and not vessels of God’s purpose.

God tasked Noah to build an Ark that had never been built before, in a place that did not make sense, during a time when it did not seem necessary. He endured criticism, yet his sons stood with him. As a family, they endured months of close living quarters with every type of creature. If that is not enough to tear a family apart, what is?

Moreover, through it all there was a trust in God. God had spoken to Noah and regardless of how uncharacteristic it all seemed, his family was with him.

As you move forward through the events of the floodwaters receding, God continued showing Noah and his family great favor. We observe Noah farming and producing just as God had ordained. One can only imagine the toll the entire process had taken on Noah.

A time when he indulged the fruit of his labors and became drunk (before we judge him, it was a common practice of that era to drink wine), and was lying in a most vulnerable state, Ham his son came upon him. Ham should have seen a chosen vessel of God, to be revered and thus taken the appropriate action by covering his father, protecting him at a moment of weakness.

I have often pondered Hams’ decision and his reasoning for reacting the way he did. Was it immaturity or ignorance? On the other hand, was he stepping out beyond his station trying to elevate his position within the family at the expense of shaming his father?

In today’s Church or Para-Ministry, leadership is under more pressure and scrutiny from the body of Christ itself than from the secular population. You see, Leadership, they expect the peering eyes from an unbelieving segment of society. But most harsh comments, critical observations, and actions that injure the most come from those they are tasked to Shepherd.

Is it any wonder that most, if not all ministry leadership distance themselves, and take precautions to sanctify themselves and their families? It is a sobering commentary that only two out of three sons of Noah revered him, and sought to honor and cover him and protect him.

Our spiritual leadership should feel safe, covered, and protected by those closest to them as they navigate the challenges they are tasked by God. Can you imagine always walking around with your guard up? How exhausting is that?

Scripture Focus

1Peter 4:10

‘As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.’

October is Pastor / Ministry Leader appreciation month, love on them...


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