Ministering the Gospel of Christ Jesus to the Inmates and Staff of the Pima County Adult Detention Complex

Endorsements from Community Leaders

Pima County Jail Ministry has received several endorsements from prominent Community Leaders.

Would you like to become involved with the Pima County Jail Ministry? Please visit our "Opportunities Section" for information about how you can serve the inmates, staff, and families of the Pima County Jail.

You may also speak with Steve Martinez, Pima County Jail Chaplain, at (520) 351-8100, or Email Steve at: Pima County Jail Chaplain

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Endorsements for the Pima County Jail Ministry

  • Randy Carlson
    President Family Life Radio

    "You and I will probably never spend one night in jail let alone months and maybe years. These men and women behind prison bars here in Pima County need to experience freedom, freedom in Christ and thanks to the Pima County Jail Ministry, through volunteers and staff, they are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ and I encourage you to consider volunteering and / or supporting financially this great ministry. You know we have the freedom every day to walk around and enjoy our day but do we have freedom in Christ? If you do, share with these men and women that they too, even behind prison bars, today can have freedom in Christ. Support Pima County Jail Ministry for the fine work they are doing for all of us here in Pima County."
  • Roger Barrier
    Pastor Casas Church

    "One of the most significant ministries in our community, in our city, of course is the Pima County Jail Ministry well worth all of our involvement. A lot of hurting people there, a lot of struggling people, a lot of folks deeply in crisis. Whatever you and I can do to help is a blessing in the kingdom and a blessing in the lives of these folks. And so whether you and I do it personally or through some funds and other support we give, its well worth the changing lives that take place when you and I through Christ get involved in it."
  • Pastor Zane Anderson
    Victory Assembly of God

    "There is a ministry in our community that is unheralded but is so extremely effective in touching men and women’s lives it is Pima County Jail Ministry. We at Victory support it and I want to encourage you to do the same financially with your prayers with people becoming involved as volunteers. Lives are being changed, and touched and powerfully transformed because of the ministry that goes on there at the jail. From Chaplain Burgoyne to Chaplain Steve to so many others who give their time and their energy. It is a ministry worth your investment financially, it is a ministry worth your prayer, it’s a ministry that is changing lives."
  • Richard Fimbres
    Director for the Governor’s office on Highway Safety
    Former member of PC Sheriff’s Department, 23 years

    "I am here today to speak about the jail ministry and the vital role that they play in our corrections bureau. They have provided such a valuable service that is so important and so needed in our community. These souls confined in our corrections bureau find a very valuable service through our ministries. 24 hours a day 7 days a week these ministries are working to provide hope and compassion to the inmates incarcerated in our facilities. We can not say enough about the work that Chaplain Burgoyne has done and Chaplain Martinez is doing to help these poor souls that are incarcerated in our facility".
  • Martha (Marty) Cramer
    Corrections Chief Retired

    "Pima County Jail Ministry is a faith based community organization staff, and mostly of volunteers, who give of themselves to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people. After 30 years in law enforcement I know that from an institutional perspective the jail ministry contributes to the peace and security of our jail. More importantly, from a human perspective this program offers spiritual gifts that often change lives."
  • Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik
    Pima County Sheriff

    "As sheriff I have an opportunity to travel around the country extensively and one of the things I always get an opportunity to look at are jail ministry programs and I would say this to anybody who may be watching or listening. I would challenge anybody to find a program that is more effective, more positive than the jail ministry program that we have here in Pima County. You know the good Lord has challenged us all to bring the Bible, the Good Word, to everybody and if you look at people who are willing to do that to the least of their brethren and when you look at our jail population I think that you have to come to the conclusion that we really are providing the word to the least of our brethren. That is the highest service to mankind in my judgment that one can get involved in. So I have a tremendous amount of respect and a tremendous amount of admiration for the people who volunteer to come into our jail and provide the word."