Ministering the Gospel of Christ Jesus to the Inmates and Staff of the Pima County Adult Detention Complex

Pima County Jail Ministry Programs

We have a wide assortment of ministries available for you to serve with. Explore each one below.

For more information about these programs and how you can get involved with serving with the Pima County Jail Ministry, please call (520) 351-8100, or Email us at: Pima County Jail Chaplain

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Programs at the Pima County Jail Ministry

  • Internships at the Pima County Jail Ministry

    Training Ministers for Service Tomorrow...

    Internships in the Pima County Jail Ministry play a significant roll in training the ministers of tomorrow. You can learn under seasoned Chaplains from various community Churches who have ministered in the Pima County Adult Detention Center for years.

    This is a great place to learn how to minister in a correctional environment, lead praise and worship, teach Bible studies, hold Chapel services, learn administrative skills, and how to train volunteers. These are just a few of the many opportunities available for interested and dedicated individuals.

    Many community Pastors have enjoyed the privilege of learning numerous disciplines while serving in the Pima County Jail Ministry that have carried over and been beneficial in their own ministries as well.

  • Project Joy

    Annual Community Events,
    Needing Your Assistance...

    We have three annual events:

    • Our Thanks Giving Blessing
    • Christmas Cookies & Caroling
    • Christmas Bike and Gift Giveaway

    These three events spread the joy of the Lord to the staff and inmates of the Pima County Adult Detention Center, as well as their families who might otherwise do without during the holidays.

    We have partnered with Churches, Toys for Tots, several communities and various other organizations to distribute thousands of cookies, hundreds of gifts, bicycles, and numerous Thanksgiving dinners, as expressions of God’s love and provision.

  • banquet

    Banquet & Fundraising Committee

    Using Your Gift of Hospitality,
    To Fund Ministry...

    We have an annual banquet to help raise the funds necessary for our operating budget.

    Do You have the Gift of Hospitality, Creativity, and Organization...

    We are seeking servants who have a passion and a gifting in this area and also with smaller fundraising events and projects throughout the year.

  • Pima County Jail Ministry's PrayerMates Program

    The Bedrock of all Ministry

    Prayer is the foundation of our ministry. Everything begins in prayer, is sustained with prayer, and is accomplished through prayer.

    Some of our Community Volunteers are Prayer Warriors and structure prayer meetings for needs, circumstances and emergencies for the Pima County Jail Ministry.

    You do not have to be in direct contact with inmates to have an impact on them and the ministry.

    Click >>> For more information on our PrayerMates Program of the Pima County Jail

  • Family Outreach Services at the Pima County Jail Ministry

    Serving the Families of those at Pima County Jail...

    The ministry felt the directive from God to go deeper into the lives of inmates and the jail staff by helping to minister to the needs of their families.

    We are in the process of developing partnerships with Community Churches and Community Resources that will help us to accomplish this.


  • Pima County Jail Chaplain Visitation Program

    Ministering to the Hurting,

    The importance of one-on-one counseling can never be stressed enough. Inmates often suffer tragic loss, critical circumstances and confusion while incarcerated.

    Chaplains (Community Pastors and Staff Chaplains) answer requests from inmates or the Sheriff’s Department to visit inmates in their housing units to pray, comfort, and encourage them with God’s Word.


  • Bilbe Study Programs at the Pima County Jail

    Life Changing Education,
    God Style...

    We offer both structured and unstructured Bible studies to the inmates. Areas of study vary from Biblical Recovery to Experiencing God.

    Qualified community volunteers are trained to facilitate these groups in the correctional environment.

    All materials utilized during these studies are at no cost to the inmate. Community Churches and individuals provide funds through the Pima County Jail Ministry for these programs.

  • Pima County Jail Ministry Chapel Services

    Ministering The Word to Inmates in Need...

    It is our goal to create an environment similar to a Church service. At various times and days of the week, Chaplains (usually community Pastors) come in and provide:

    • Praise and Worship
    • Preaching or Teaching of the Word
    • Requests for prayer
    • and Altar Calls.

    It is at these times that the Lord breaks down inmates and miracles often happen.

    Currently we average over 50 biblical programs a week.

  • Reading Glass Ministry at the Pima County Jail

    Helping Inmates Read
    God's Word Better...

    Many of the inmates detained suffer from poor eyesight. That coupled with the poor lighting at times in the facility, makes reading the Bible or other literature difficult.

    Although we cannot supply prescription eyeglasses, we do supply reading glasses of various strengths to all inmates upon request, and at no cost to the inmate.

  • Pima County Jail Greeting Card Ministry

    Helping Inmates stay connected to family...

    We stress the importance of the inmates staying in contact with their families. So we supply greeting cards, at no cost to the inmates for every occasion, and distribute them weekly to the inmates.


  • Library Ministry | Pima County Jail Ministry

    R.A.C. Chaplain's Lending Libraries Ministry

    We have over 12,000 books on various Bible topics for the inmates to check out while incarcerated.

    The program enlists volunteers from community Churches to take library carts into the inmate living areas to distribute requested books and allow inmates to check out books as well.